Warranty & Return
Warranty & Terms Of Return Service
At Haych Mobile, we have a comprehensive warranty and return policy that spans all products that we provide. These comprise
  • Faulty Items
  • Products that are physically damaged
  • Products not sold by us
To claim your warranty, you will need to follow each of these points mentioned above. However, we will discuss our policy below, in detail.
1. Warranty for faulty items
  • Warranty is only valid for items that are brought from Haych Mobile and they should not be physically damaged. Otherwise, the warranty will be considered void for the item(s).
  • It will take 3 to 5 business to process your request (except shipping duration).
  • You can claim a refund, replacement or store credit if the items are under warranty.
  • We will offer a return label once you claim the RMA. However, before sending the faulty item to us, you should lodge an RMA.
  • If you have lodged the RMA with a replacement request, we will send the replacement to you without charging any additional fee. Besides, you can also combine the replacement items with online orders without incurring additional costs. However, when you order an item, you will need to pay the shipping fee but we will reimburse it when replacing the item as store credit.
  • Our team will connect with you for confirmation after receiving your parcel or if the items sent does not match with the RMA list.
  • We will inform the final warranty claim by calling back or emailing as per your request.
2. Products not sold by us
  • If you send us items that do not have our stamp/sticker/barcode, we will consider them as items that are not sold by us.
  • If you send us items sold by another supplier, then also we will consider them as items not sold by us.
  • If you send us physically damaged items, then also this clause applies.
  • We can only accept 10% of the total items as products that are not sold by us. The rest we will send you back as per policy.
  • We only accept damaged items once a week.
  • You can claim an upgraded item at an additional cost. But you cannot request a replacement of a downgraded item.
FAQ regarding Warranty Claim
1. Do you accept damaged products sent by another supplier?
Yes, we accept these products.
2. Do I need to pay for the postage of the physically damaged items?
Yes, you will need to pay for the postage.
3. How long does it take to process the warranty?
It takes 3 to 5 business days.
4. Will the invoice amount be calculated so that I get membership benefits?
Yes, it will be calculated.
5. Do you offer free postage for replacement parts? If yes, what method of postage do you use?
Yes, we will send the replacement parts at our cost and choose express shipping.
6. When can I claim a faulty product?
Yes, you can make a claim for it through our website.
7. Can I combine an online order with replacement warranty items?
Yes, you can. For that, talk to our team by calling us now.