Shipping Service
Our Return shipping as well as registered/standard express post is available at definite price and the cost of shipping that you pay includes the return post as well as insurance for your gadget.
We generally conduct mail-in repairs on the same day of their arrival, provided there is any really serious issue that cannot be solved on the same day. In that case, you will be duly notified either over mail or phone. After service payment has to be made only after your device reaches you following the repair. We return the devices straight back to their owners following these servicing and repairs
We use the registered/parcel/express mail service of the Australian Postal Service, and provide you with a tracking number, which will help you, check the status of your device in transit between you and us. We insure every gadget items for the respective replacement values. Hence, you device is absolutely safe at any point in time.
See the Terms & Conditions tag for further details.