Refund Policy
Our Refund Policy
If you are requesting a return for the parts sold by Haych Mobile, make sure you are selecting the correct products first as we only provide refunds for these parts. We do not issue refunds for parts that are not sold by us. But if you want more information regarding the parts for which we give back the paid amount, you can reach out to our sales team. They will provide you with comprehensive support regarding this topic.
If you are returning a certain product that is brand new and intact, we charge a small percentage as a restocking fee to cover our labour and admin costs. Moreover, this cost helps us provide seamless services at all times.
If you wish to cancel a paid order that is not yet dispatched, we will be providing you with the refund for the same but we will deduct a percentage of the merchant fee since we might not get reimbursement for the order from the merchant company.
If you have not received a refund from our side for your order, you can reach out to us through phone or by email. Just provide us with the references that have been provided and our executives will get back to you with a solution.
Please note that refunds can be time taking based on the type of order. So, please be patient. We will do all that it takes to make it quick.
To know more about our refund policy or to if you have other queries that you would like us to solve, call us now.